Phones Puzzle – Answer: SUPERNOVA – By Kenny and Dana Young


The first thing to note is the map of Corporate Campus:



+-+   +-+


  x   x

    x   x

  x   x



The five-digit codes are the phone numbers of phones outside or under the buildings:


23129: Building 6 garage

14228: Building 8 garage

17022: Building 3 garage

17210: Building 5 entrance

17211: Building 5 garage

13434: Building 1 garage

13431: Building 2 garage

16606: Building 9 garage

13020: Building 1 entrance


There is also a 13x2 configuration of dots in the ‘map’ that looks like Microsoft Way, but in fact it is a hint towards the final leap in the puzzle. Taking the entrances as A-M and the garages as N-Z, you get SUPERNOVA.