PSS NOTE: New hints are bold and red.

Day 2 Hints

  • Saracen: Many teams have made excellent progress this morning. We're very excited about the prospect of teams finding the Wonder. That said, to solve Saracen, you need to make it your topmost concern. Let us know how you progress in your quest for the Wonder.
  • Saracen: This is the metapuzzle that leads to The Wonder. Although many teams are trying to solve this puzzle, nobody is heading in the right direction yet. The title is still up for grabs!
  • Saracen: A picture is worth 1,000 words. A pair of pictures is Wonderful…
  • Saracen: What do the Turkish and Sumerian puzzles have in common?
  • Saracen: OK, no more beating around the bush-THIS IS A BIG HINT! Look carefully at the banners at the top of every single CLUE page. Pair up the civilizations with matching banners.
  • General: A few teams have reported that puzzle details sometimes don't print out very well on paper. We would suggest looking at the online versions of your puzzles. (No, there is no scripting going on here, we're just talking about visual fidelity.)
  • Choson: Keep looking at this and you will hit the target.
  • Greek: Focus on par and how it relates to the rest of the puzzle.
  • Egyptian: These are VCRPlus codes.
  • Mongolian: What do you do with stock options? Most teams are picking EXERCISE which is incorrect. More specifically, what else do stock options do?
  • Persian II: Specific locations are extremely important. Those rows of dots in the map are also very important to finish the puzzle.
  • Viking: You need to construct three-dimensional solids and then 'feel' the way.

Day 1 Hints

  • General: The MicroSnooze edition yesterday was purely coincidental and has nothing to do with the hunt.
  • Assyrian: The map is The King of Prussia mall, but that has nothing to do with the puzzle. The map is a red herring. To double your chances of understanding this clue, read the text carefully, at least twice.
  • Briton: This is a 12-hour clock.
  • Carthaginian: These are not constellations.
  • Egyptian: Just for the record, these are codes of some kind. More specifically, what codes help you record?
  • Greek: The scorer was sloppy and accidentally reversed IN and OUT on the scorecard. That is not essential to the puzzle.
  • Hittite: Have you actually tasted the beans? We have more inventory available, so come on down! (One packet per team...)
  • Yamato: The last line would be more correct as "39 2".